East Anglian Bloodhound Meets

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The East Anglian Bloodhounds season starts around September with hound rides.  This is a slower and shorter day out (mainly walk and trot) and helps new members and horses familiarise themselves with hunting and of course gets us fit for the season ahead.

Around November will be the Opening Meet, dress codes change from tweed jackets and ties to black or navy hunt coats and stocks, with manes plaited.   Each hunting day will feature a series of ‘lines’, this is where our volunteer runners cover a 2-3mile cross country route, mostly through beautiful private grounds with exceptional scenery.  Once the hounds get scent it is a fast canter / gallop pace until the line finishes where there will be refreshments and a break until the next line starts.  Some meets have natural fences incorporated in the lines, there are always non-jumping options.

The end of March sees the Hunting season finish.

East Anglian Bloodhounds