Hunting with hounds in East Anglia

Unfortunately the hunt masters at East Anglian Bloodhounds retired late 2016.  There is talk of the pack possibly reforming in the future.

Many of the EABH riders have been getting their drag hunting fix with The Cambridge University Drag Hounds.  Their area covers drag hunting in Norfolk, Suffolk & Cambridgeshire.  They are a very friendly and welcoming hunt, offering a similar day out to the EABH’s. Click here to see their meet card.


The hunting season starts from September to March. The meets are around East Anglia where you will be privileged to ride over beautiful private grounds with exceptional scenery, ‘John Constable’ type country.

The hunting season gradually picks up pace over the six months. The slower paced hound rides in September will help get horses fit and new riders familiar with hunting field craft.